Aug 28

wintry air


close your blinds
reveal the blue
stages of depth

worry not
you’ll be fine
the medication
will take its time

blues becomes greys
and days turn to shades
it all blurs together
every decision you’ve made

your breaths
haul themselves
into wintry air
and there they freeze
there they are freed

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” — Babe Ruth (via observando)

Aug 27

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Heart of a Dog (a poem) -


Heart of a Dog

The most hurtful thing
you can say to me
is to just go masturbate
if I have to melt my needs
and you aren’t in the mood
as if I have no control
as though I were just some animal
pleased to rub up against
anything warm to get satisfaction
as if I wasn’t human
didn’t crave arms…


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autumn changed everything. it told me,
‘take control and make it your own.’
leaves falling gracefully from tree branches,
and i, climbing them with opportunity.
a view from the treetops;
a sight not easily forgotten.

the wintertime told me to tread carefully.
it did not promise; it did not commit.
presenting itself with chances,
laced with flaws yet full of shaky potential.
i spent most of my time pondering
what decision i should make.

with the spring came the certainty
that winter could not deliver.
flowers blossomed in cracks of pavement,
as did you with time and patience.
iridescent days of colour and wonder,
and a name you gave me.

and the summer marked a new chapter,
of all seasons combined with a warm breeze to match.
becoming the view that autumn had shown me,
finding comfort in the chances winter had displayed,
picking the flowers that spring had given.
watching you follow suit.

after all that occurred, this is what time has taught me:
so many things can change
over the course of four short seasons.
and i think most of all, i enjoyed basking in the
long awaited and wondrous summertime with you.

” — "seasons" by typical treatment. (21 november 2012)

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“La lozanía de esta vida me inspira a buscarte” — (via encuentrodepensamientos)

“y solo me paso pensando porque deje pasar la oportunidad de acercarme un momento a ti … QUE PERDERIA ACASO? YA NO PODRE VERTE” — (via encuentrodepensamientos)