Aug 29

How About Some Change?

How About Some Change?



We know this life will bring about change

Negative or positive

We can allow ourselves to be overcome by change

Or we can take it, mold it, and create something wonderful

Society is changing

The world is changing

Life is changing

You are changing

Everyday is an opportunity

To take it, mold it, and create something wonderful

God did it with you

Change can be beautiful

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At This Moment

Staring at your picture

My mind sifting through memories

Old ones

And the new ones we have yet to make

I believe the best times are ahead of us

Any moment is the best time with you

Your touch, your smile

I caress your picture as if caressing your face

Letting my heart trace back to the last moment we shared

I sigh, slightly

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They Belong To You

They Belong To You

As pretty as I dress my words

Write lovely adjectives and metaphors

Then string them all together

To create something much more

Than I can describe

Take away the shine

Strip my words bare

And you will see my heart

Wide open, exposed

I will not close it

I’m leaving it wide open for you to see

These words that come from my heart

Will always be a part of me

But now they belong to you



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Aug 28

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what happens on that day

when i run out of room in my heart
love has no place to land
the nooks and crannies full

what happens to the love that would pass me by
on autumns breezes
and springs blooms
my heart beats for you…no more

what happens when the sun forgets to rise
the darkness lingering…

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Here I am: unhinged at the waist,
a meeting place for two fumbling
forms in the dark.

Here I am: the last rain of an otherwise
drought-filled summer, a resting place
for heartache.

Here you are: a mouth that the wolves
would fight over, eyes like two furnace
coals burning in my gut.

Here I am and here are you,
and here: here is where we began.

” — Shelby Asquith, We Wildfires Burn Out Much Too Quickly (via exahele)

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