Sep 19

Seven Days Strong

On the seventh day he rested

On the seventh day, I loved you that much more

I did not want to love you in an ordinary way

Seven days a week

Seven days strong

I believe to love was to empty myself

Giving you a day unlike the previous one before

For you to believe in me enough to entwine your heart with mine

Sends tremors to my earth within

Sincere are my attempts to create splendor and wonder


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At the tip
Of your fingers
To have a taste
Of what has
Been touched,
Slipped into

~Aya Al-Hakim©

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Have a good weekend, Tumblr.


Have a good weekend, Tumblr.

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the rose


to a teacher 
of goddesses,
beauty and grace 
defined in bold lines 
of sacred poetry 
with the face 
of an angel 

happy birthday, therosesign

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The Steps at Vetheuil, 1881
Claude Monet


The Steps at Vetheuil, 1881

Claude Monet

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Courtyard Trees


does it not look like a great throne?
it seems so different than before.
was the third arm too powerful?
slender and tall against the gray sky.
so majestic are the giants!
and if they could give any advice,
what would it be? 
alive and unsocial,
creature of habit.
would you give up knowledge
in exchange for being the beauty
poets try to explain?

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“how intoxicating it is
to gaze upon the earth
and finally understand
how insignificant you are
in the grand scheme of

and i hope you realise
just how beautiful
and liberating
that insignificance
can be.” — "edge of existence" by typical treatment. (1 august 2014)
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where does she go?


where does she go?
my teacher asked
my mother

to the aunts 
who disappeared

to the ship 
on a sea 
just my sister 
and me 

to benji and lassie 
and the galumphing skunk 
i wanted for a pet

and when i came to
the sash to my dress 
in my mouth 
my eyes wet 
with unfocus

ordered to 
stand in the hall 

i was small 
but in my mind 
i wasn’t there 
at all…