Within Earshot

Thank you God

for letting me roam a little from home

I won’t stray too far away

always within earshot of your voice

Doing what I can

to share some of you

this world down here

is broken, battered, and bruised

People are hurting

people are starving

people are sick and dying

Children in need of fathers

children in need of mothers

children in need of someone to love them

The creation is…

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I Will Live Today

I Will Live Today


If I’m not exhausted at the end of the day

then maybe I haven’t been living

spending a lot time giving it some thought

living, that is

so, I must dare myself each day

to climb that mountain

to swim across that sea

to run and finish this marathon

to never, ever, give up on a dream

on a hope

I must give that planted seed, time to grow

even if I don’t have all the answers

doesn’t matter and it’s…

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Acoustic Thoughts

Thoughts of you stream from my heart
Even if I unplugged my mind
A constant current of consciousness
The reason for my rhyme

Acoustic thoughts
Dream state
Feet firmly on the ground
Faith into fate

Intimate verse
Constructed to caress
From my soul to yours
My best, certainly no less

Love in surround mode
All spaces of you consumed
A life of love perfectly pitched
Always and forever attuned

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Always, Forever, Eternal


The fire never dies

The flames may not always burn high

But they burn


Defying the laws of perception


Fire of this kind burns well beyond this lifetime


Love never dies

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I Would

If I could reach inside

and gently pull out all the pain

bury it away somewhere

never to surface again

I would

If I could carry you

and walk a thousand miles

and a thousand miles more

walk until my knees buckled

and my legs gave out

I would walk on my knees

I would

If I could take you to a paradise

Where no sickness or pain exists

Just love, joy, peace, and happiness

I would

Not out of pity…

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No Me Without You

No Me Without You



There is no me without you

Life is just not the same

The taste is not as sweet

I can walk alone if I choose to

But not for too long

It doesn’t take long to start missing you

What good is laying on a cloud if you’re not there to share the view?

Space is empty without you

I turn in circles hoping you’ll be there when the circle is complete

My days are incomplete and a little off beat minus…

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Again and Again


When times appear to get dark

I receive a spark

You touch my heart

Then touch my mind

And I find my way back up, again

Again and again

You lift me up

At the right time

You appear

A spark

Your love shines

Touching my heart

Then touching my mind

God, you are so kind

God, you are love

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Home is where the heart is

I’ll be home soon

I’ve been searching for so long

Lost in a fog

Couldn’t see my hands before my face

Your face, I see clearly in my mind’s eye

Home is where the heart is

I’ll be home soon

God is my guiding light

Lighting up the path to you

Where the earth and sky meet

This joy I guard close to my heart

I know I’ll be home soon

Where your heart is

This is my…

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Leave The World Outside

Leave The World Outside

Give me any moment with you

Forgetting the world outside the window

The only world I know is you

The creation of something beautiful

When we were blessed to find each other

Two souls stepping out of the shadows

Attracted to the light of love

And as we sit across from each other

Eye to eye

I believe in my heart

That all things are possible

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Continuing On

God has come.

I see the light
I see the Son
Giving me the strength
To continue on

Not in the form of a burning bush
But in a greeting from family or a friend

I see you in a love that rests in my soul

That sails throughout my mind

I see you in flowers and green lawns
I see you in the clouds passing by
In a child’s happy face
and a loving pet’s affection

I feel you in my heartbeat
In the wind sweeping across…

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