The Silence of My Evening

The Silence of My Evening

the stars decided to keep me company

maybe they understood the silence of my evening

they read to me

kept my mind from wandering

such a pleasant feeling to know how much they care

I can’t help but stare and look up at them

an endless group of lights

putting their best shine on and supporting me

I know I am blessed

I know God’s love falls fresh on me

I know in my heart, he understands

the silence…

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So Much To Do

So Much To Do

As the day goes

As time passes by

Our minutes are filled with things

Things we have to do

Things we must do

Heavy loads

Feather weights

We all shoulder something

Don’t allow yourself to get so weighed down

Or your minutes to be filled by so many things

That at the end of the day

Your only company is silence

Because that’s all you had time left for

Life is…..

Life is short

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Reservoir (Beautiful Energy)

Didn’t have the strength to pick up a pen

then a friend came and gave me a hug

and then a smile

it resonated deep inside

tapping into a reservoir of beautiful energy

that began to flow throughout me

body and spirit

heart and soul

drops of inspiration rain in my mind

I stand and let the drizzling waters of creativity caress my face

looking at the blank paper, I smile

because I see you my friend…

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Cat Photo Series #10: My Uncle Cotton

Cat Photo Series #10: My Uncle Cotton

Poppy with his uncle Cotton

This is not an ordinary day

This day is always special for me

Hanging with my uncle Cotton

Appreciating his wisdom and guidance

Having fun along the way

Teaching me the ins and outs of the cat life

Uncle Cotton is so patience, he’s the greatest

Sometimes he can be serious, tough cat love

He just wants to make sure I’m learning

And keeping me safe to grow up

Uncle Cotton’s a little tuckered out…

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Into The Deep (Completely Submerged)

Into The Deep (Completely Submerged)

We stood and waited for the tide to sweep us away

But the current remained calm

We did not fret or become discouraged

Looking inside ourselves, we understood

So we held hands as tight as possible

Let go of all fear

Waded until we reached the deep

Then simply

Just disappeared

We learned to not look for love to carry us away

But to let go and disappear into the depths of love

Our souls completely…

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Because of You

Because of you

I am wealthy beyond measure

My heart glitters like pure gold

My spirit shines like a pressed and polished diamond

Because of you

I am precious

My mind is an ocean of possibility

My soul’s worth exceeds even what I believe

Because of you

I know love

I give love

I am loved

Because of you

I am


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Until The Spirit Leaves The Body

Until The Spirit Leaves The Body

It’s never too late

Until the spirit leaves the body

Don’t say

“It’s just fate”

Don’t quit the pursuit

Don’t stop the chase

Your dream is at the finish line

Finish your race

Marathon or 100 yard dash

Pace yourself or run fast

Keep the dream in sight

Keep yourself moving forward

Remain steadfast

Remain a stalwart

Regardless of how tough

Regardless of how rough

It’s never too late


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on a deserted island

there was fear

and on the that same island

there was doubt

no message in a bottle

no stones to spell out help

no fire or smoke

for any plane passing by to see

on this deserted island

in the middle of nowhere

were all the things I left behind

that stood in the way of us

being together

from the archives

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This Just In…..

This Just In…..

Scratching my head

I’m hearing reports that love is dead

Was it buried or cremated?

Was there even a funeral?

As far as I can tell, love is more than alive

To be exact, it is more than life

I have love for my family and friends

I have love for everyone

It’s inside me an I’m not dead

Must be another one of those million dollar research projects

Projecting useless information on us

Love is dead?,…

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Photo Series #17: Nature’s Flautist

Photo Series #17: Nature’s Flautist

cardinal on new bird feeder

photo courtesy of Rebecca Scarberry  @Scarberryfields

Requesting an early morning wake up call

I’ve been blessed to hear a cardinal’s lovely song

Whether it’s short little happy chirps

Or elongated and elegant whistled tunes

My bright red cardinal friend is always on time

Perfect in pitch, one of nature’s flautist

The morning sky echoes with beautiful sounds

And of course, I have to keep the…

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