Bridge of Endearment


Under the bridge

the river flows

Over the bridge

the stars glow

Late night rendezvous

in the middle of somewhere

We hold each other tight

a slight chill in the air

There are moments in life

when time comes to a stand still

Moments that are as beautiful

as photographic stills

This is one such moment

orchestrated from above

When one tender-hearted couple

embraced warmly, on the bridge of…

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Your Eyes



I find happiness in your eyes

Even when my sky is not as colorful

When the media feeds me stories of death and decay

The devil pricks me with needles just to have his laugh

But I am fine, I am good

I wear your love on my bones to keep my soul warm

I find happiness in your eyes

My heart still blossoms with hope

I take refuge in God, laying on his floor of compassion

Covering myself with…

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The Beast


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Love is a beast

That I do not control

It runs wild, unrestrained

My heart its natural habitat

It is at its most beautiful, unbridled

Love is a beast

I dare not cage

Passion unconstrained

King of emotions

Fearless and ferocious

Love is a beast

Instinctively protective


Caring and soulful

My love for you


Until the last breaths that I breathe


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You Can Reach It

You Can Reach It

Reach for the sky

Now reach for the stars

Reach a little more

Reach for the beyond

A new solar system

Don’t stop there

Touch another galaxy

On your tippy toes

Stretch those fingers

Reach for infinity

Your arms are never to short

To reach for your dream

Stand on top of hope

Reach, reach, reach

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Don’t Stop

Don’t Stop

Don’t ever let them break you

You know, the ones that take you for granted

Don’t ever let them break you

The ones that falsely accuse you

The ones that don’t have the heart to believe in you

Don’t ever let them break you

The ones that say they’re happy with you

Then take a chisel and slowly pick away at you

Don’t ever let them break you

Don’t ever let them steal you from you

Don’t ever let them…

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broken souls


broken souls need a loving hand

one without a stone to cast

someone willing to relight the lamp in their heart

because their broken heart has been darkened

broken souls need understanding

standing beside them and not over them

lifting them from the trenches of despair

another soul daring enough to be kind

broken souls need reminding they matter

they do matter!

a compassionate spirit to…

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I Imagine Too (John Lennon Tribute)

I Imagine Too (John Lennon Tribute)


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It would be great

if when strangers meet

there would be no suspicious looks

or judgemental glares

brothers would truly be brothers

equality amongst humanity

weapons down

war is stricken from the vocabulary

global peace becomes prevalent

the eyes of our children shine bright with hope

and love means more than another romantic comedy

as Lennon’s voice echoes in…

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To say we fell in love is an understatement

Our eyes serenade one another

Causing our hearts to dance frantically to silent music

How is it that we touch each other so deeply without physically touching?

Invisible hands

Invisible strands of thread

Stitch our souls together with gentle care

Love has a tendency to have a flair for the dramatic

Very tender…

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It’s Raining Smiles Today

It’s Raining Smiles Today


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Smiles that fall like rain

A shower of heartfelt happiness

Clouds of joy

Producing smiling raindrops

Washing over me

Touching the core of my being

Smiles that flood my mind

Uplifting me spiritually

I love standing in this downpour

My heart dances in every puddle

With each drop that touches my face

I give a huge smile

Because the raindrops

Are smiling at me…

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Born With Wings


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Each night before I sleep

An angel comes and whispers to me

“You can be more”

“You can do more”

“You are more than what you believe”

As I sleep, I have the most wonderful dream

The Holy Father fits me with the most beautiful wings

Exuberantly I fly, like a child’s first time on a swing

But somewhere in between

Sleeping and awakening from my dream

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