My Life’s A Mystery

My Life’s A Mystery

I thought I use to know

Know me, that is

Shy boy into shy man

Smiling boy into smiling man

It was around 20 something plus years ago

When I met the only God-Man

Since then, my life has been an unfolding mystery

Petals unfolding slowly

Released from a burden of thinking, this is who I’m supposed to be

My existence, now a tidal wave of hope constantly crashing against a shore of negativity


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Going about the business of being

A little sugar in my coffee

Greeting each minute of life

Quietly being me

Life is happening

I’m traveling through

“Hello, how you doing?”

“Have a good day”

Balancing play and work

Doing what I love

Eat and sleep, rise and shine

Society can be loud sometimes

The world can cause such a ruckus

I choose to go about the business of being


As long as God…

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"Have We Met?"

“Have We Met?”

so close

like we’ve known each other before

are we somewhere in the future looking back?

piecing together memories about how we first met

our clouds collided and emotions thundered

did we brush shoulders crossing paths on a crowded street?

possibly it’s the magnetic pull of our aura, breaking the plain of rational thinking

love is not rational or to be reckoned with

did we catch a glance of each…

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Heart to mind

Through the mouth

Heart speak, soul talk

To the light of my heart

Light of my life

My soul swings and sings

You give me puppy dog eyes

And a cat’s happy meow

Walking sunshine, I stand in the light of your love

Thankful, humble

God took a blank page from my life and filled it in with details of you

The exciting part is, He’s not done writing and I’m not quick to turn the page


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Splash some water on my face

Splash the word of God on my spirit

Everyday is a new day

Everyday is your day

Difference maker

Barrier breaker

Share your sunlight

Give up the spotlight

Everyday is a new day

Lend a hand

Take a stand

Help those in need

Let go of self greed

Everyday is your day

Make the most of your new day

A new day quickly becomes an old day

Leading to a lost day

So enjoy today


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Forever In Silver

Together, forever

engraved in silver

a personal testament

engraved in the heart

“where are they now?”, thinking to myself

i imagine much love went into this gesture

commitment, dedication

so much love

“wherever they are, i hope they’re together”

” i hope they went to forever, together”, thinking to myself

i then wiped more dirt off this silver ring

my quest into its history begins

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In Orbit

Camping under the stars

Venus and Mars

Exploring the universe

We are our own galaxy

bodies of energetic light

charting a course to a common frontier

beyond physical barriers

we are particles of the moment

a small fragment of the cosmos

embracing our connection, passionately

we are in orbit

lost in each other

lost in space

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The Wind Chime Sings

The Wind Chime Sings


The chime sings

a soft breath of wind

new-born life brings new light home

joy echoes off every wall

even in the attic

as the moon relieves the sun

time passes, the chime sings

new-born now has pre-teen eyes

discovering a life full of firsts

panoramic view

holding tight to mom and dad’s hand

innocence is grand

as the sun wishes the moon goodnight

time passes, the chime sings

pre-teen eyes leave…

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Fireworks in the sky

I look at life this way

God didn’t create me with ordinary eyes

The shutters are closed on some people’s eyes

Living life with type of casket they want for their burial

God continually pouring glitter on his beautiful universe

luminous creation

Yet, it goes by unnoticed

Society’s man-made afflictions

Nature’s rebellious nature

Minds clouded, shrouded

Internal blindfolds


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My Life’s Breath

My Life’s Breath

She is a fresh breeze

As I stand with my feet in the waters of the sea of me

contemplating life’s beckoning realities

She is a breeze of tranquility

She is a star that traces a sweet smile in the night sky

Blessed am I that she continually shines bright in my eyes

Our hearts speak gospel truths and not shotgun lies

She is the sky that receives my helium filled sighs

She is my emotional…

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