Continuing On

God has come.

I see the light
I see the Son
Giving me the strength
To continue on

Not in the form of a burning bush
But in a greeting from family or a friend

I see you in a love that rests in my soul

That sails throughout my mind

I see you in flowers and green lawns
I see you in the clouds passing by
In a child’s happy face
and a loving pet’s affection

I feel you in my heartbeat
In the wind sweeping across…

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Soul Singer

My soul sings

of beautiful things

In tune with angelic beings

God of mercy

Holy Son

I am restored

My spirit glides

with invisible wings

cut free from the world’s strings

not in pursuit

of the finer things

selfish goals

or selfish needs

my heart infused with divine dreams

my soul sings

of beautiful things

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His Name Shall Be Called Jesus

A choir of stars in the midnight sky
Illuminating heaven with great love
This chorus of lights seen around the earth
Each individual heart captivated
Expressions of joy, cradled within peace
No hate, no evil
Humbleness befalls the meek, long suffering…

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The Carpenter’s Son

“Behold, I bring you tidings of joy”

Said the angel of the most high

And in a manger the holy one was born

Jesus, Messiah

In multitude the heavenly host gave praise

Healer of the sick

Deliverer of the weak

Savior of all

He spoke with the authority of God

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The Reason Why You Came

For the ones that sit alone

Lost in the dark corners of home and mind

For the ones afraid to look in the mirror

Ashamed at the image that will stare back at them

For the ones that thinks “I don’t belong”

Exiling themselves from the world

For life’s…

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Dance of Jubilation

During the darkest hours

of my darkest days

I trudge on


I see the light of the lamb

in that city on the hill

I trudge on


I, a son of man redeemed

by innocent blood

I trudge on


The nearer I get to the city

the lamb’s light, brighter


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Stay Your Ground

With a shield of faith I take a stand

As the army of fallen angels approach

The flaming arrows of their bows ready to take flight

Myself, I am armed with a two-edged sword

And the Holy Spirit shall guide me in battle

To El Shaddai I give glory

And for…

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Tell Me, God-Man

Tell me God-Man

Can you heal me?

War torn soul

From fighting a war

Within me

Tell me God-Man

Can you free me?

Barbwire around my spirit

Padlock on my heart

I hear you knocking

Can’t pick the lock on my heart

Tell me God-Man

Do you hear me?

Am I talking to…

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The Living Word

Love manifested in the flesh

The truth, the light, and the way

More than man

More than angels

The blood sacrifice

Teacher, preacher

Fisherman of men

Friend and brother

Humble son of God

The living word

Bread of life



Right hand of…

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