Phil Wickham



Father God

Thank you for adopting this orphaned heart

I was a man under the foster care of the world

Lost in the shuffle like so many

Father God

Thank you for rescuing this abandoned soul

Homeless in a society of broken hopes

Seeking shelter in various religious habitats

Never finding a permanent home

Father God

Thank you for welcoming in my gypsy spirit

Inviting me into your kingdom with open arms

Never once shaming me

Only dressing me with grace and mercy

Father God

Thank you for loving me


Weighed Down

the burdens you bear

a heavy weight to carry

you carry it alone

am i strong enough?

the weight doubles, then triples

feels like the weight of the world

my shoulders are frail

i cannot do this alone

i fall before the throne of grace

weary in spirit and thought

god lifts my burdens

then lifts me

he carries us both

a weight that he can bear

in the arms of mercy i rest

you need not bear your burdens, alone

Counting My Change

Changed man

Changed plan

A new heart of understanding

Let go of the lifestyle demanding

So much of my feet and hands

Turning my life over to God’s hands

Developing a new sense of being

By faith I am believing and seeing

Testifying about a life change

Ignoring the skeptics who see this as strange

Straight talk

Straight walk

A witness to mercy and grace

Living for a purpose in my rightful place

Love Storm

Your love thunders in my spirit

and rains over my soul

I am soaked with mercy and grace

Cleansing me through and through

I dance in the puddles

Splashing joy all about me

As the lightening crashes in my heart

And the thunder of your love continues

to shake my spirit

With a humble voice of praise

I’m singing in the reign

“Grace cannot be confused with righteousness. Grace is receiving what we do not deserve; mercy is not receiving what we do deserve. Righteousness, on the other hand, includes what most of us would consider difficult matters, such as punishment, correction and judgment. It also includes what most of us would consider positive matters, such as the fruit of the Spirit.”
― Francis Frangipane
Cross My Heart

At the cross I lay it all

the heaviness of my heart

the weight of a world I continue to try and carry

my anxiety

my desperation

I leave it all

let your shadow pass over and heal me

dip me in grace and cover me

I am humbled

I am weak

you carry and deliver me

At the cross I surrender

head up, eyes on you

At the cross

I surrender

to your love

Can You Identify?

Lift the veil God

Identify me as your own

Pluck me out of obscurity

A miscellanious social security number

There has got to be more to me

Too long have I lived in the shadow

of who I could be

Mistaken about my own identity

Swimming against the current in a sea of change

Afraid of change

Fighting to preserve this fake identity

God have mercy and identify me

Right out of the lineup of the lost

Thrust into life

A living breathing


Forever Thankful

My heart meditates on you

Morning, noon, evening and into the night

I find refuge in your holiness

Away from unnecessary stress and pressure

You can heal with just a word

And bring deliverance with a thought

I ask mercy of you

And you comply

Without judgement you listen, patiently

Calming the unrest within me

You surpass my comprehension of peace

The lion within lies still

Instruct me in your art of compassion

So that I may brush the colors of peace

Across the canvass of life

The Company We Keep

save me from misery’s addiction

save me from pain self inflicted

save me from the mirror’s lies

save me from my tortured why’s

ca you find me hiding in the dark?

fooled into believing I can’t live in the light

does mercy have a heart for me?

I don’t want to share an apartment with misery anymore

bring forth my identity

not the one cast upon me like stones

I’m alone here in the dark

the lights are out

maybe misery will think no one is home